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About Fastag

While National highways in the country have evolved in terms of quality of roads and overall network, drivers still face the ordeal of extensive queues at Toll-Plaza’s. Physical payment of toll-fees for each and every vehicle passing through the toll-plaza not only causes a traffic jam but also results in wastage of time and fuel for the commuters.

To solve for this problem, IHMCL (INDIAN HIGHWAYS MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED) in partnership with Hdfc Bank has launched an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) program to provide all toll plazas across the country a dedicated lane for electronic toll collection. The ETC program uses RFID tags for electronic toll collection. These tags are applied on the windshield of the vehicle and are automatically recognised by the RFID tag readers installed at toll-plaza’s. These tags, known as ‘Fastag’ will have dedicated lanes at the Toll-Plaza’s which will be known as the FasTag lane and will be accessible to dedicated ETC lanes also known as ‘Fastag Lane’

Hdfc Bank is one of the leading Banks in the Electronic Toll Collection Project proposed by NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) and proposed to be run by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). In the Phase 2 of the project, this ecosystem is poised to be interoperable, wherein the Tag issued by Hdfc Bank will be accepted across any of the Toll Plazas on the National Highway.

So don’t wait any longer. Avail the FasTag from Hdfc Bank and say Goodbye to Long Queues!